The MAPPA is concerned first and foremost with the welfare of clients who utilize the services of professionals
certified by the MAPPA. In this regard, the following procedures apply only to violations that are ethical in nature; i.e.
behaviors that are clearly and directly detrimental to client welfare or that impugn the reputation of the profession.
Other matters related to preventionist performance should be handled by personnel procedures of the agency or
other organization in which the preventionist is employed.


A complaint of ethical violation against a preventionist certified by MAPPA (hereafter referred to as "the
preventionist") may be filed to the MAPPA Administrator in writing by the alleged victim(s), certified preventionists,
other professionals, and/or other concerned parties.  Complaints must be signed by at least two persons with
personal knowledge of the alleged violation.

Within 30 days of receipt of the complaint from the MAPPA Administrator, the MAPPA Ethics Committee (comprised
of no less than 3 MAPPA members) shall investigate all charges and make a determination as to the validity of the

Bases for complaints may include, but are not limited to the following examples:
· Conviction of a felony occurring after the date of certification.
· Fraud or deceit in obtaining certification or re-certification.
· Active, continuous, and/or disruptive use of alcohol or other mood altering drugs which interfere with professional
performance or competence, or which impugns the reputation of the profession.
· Refusal to seek or accept professional assistance for alcoholism, drug addiction or mental/emotional problems that
interfere with professional functioning.
· Engaging in sexual activity with client(s).
· Providing alcohol or controlled substances to client(s) without physician's order.
· Financial exploitation of client(s).


Within 14 days of receipt of the complaint from the MAPPA Administrator, the Ethics Committee shall send, by
certified return receipt mail, a summary of all charges to the alleged violator. At this same time, the Ethics Committee
will request a written response from the preventionist charged with the violation. Such response shall be due within
30 days from the date of the letter notifying the preventionist of the charges. Additionally, the preventionist has the
right to request a face-to-face meeting with the Ethics Committee to discuss the charges. Within 10 days of the
request, the MAPPA Administrator will notify the preventionist of the date, time, and location of the meeting, which
will be scheduled within 30 days from the date of request.

Upon receipt of the preventionist's written response or following a requested face-to-face meeting with the Ethics
Committee, the Ethics Committee shall consult, deliberate and report its findings and recommendations to the full
MAPPA Board within 15 days. The board shall make a determination of findings and/or any related disciplinary
action. Disciplinary action may be in the form of (a) an official letter of reprimand; (b) suspension of certification; (c)
revocation of certification; or (d) denial of certification. The MAPPA Administrator shall notify the preventionist, in
writing, of findings and/or any related disciplinary action. The Board shall assure that any disciplinary action is